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What Is The Esther Experience?

The Esther Experience—Regal, Real, & Raw, is an in-person, full-day, upscale, and exclusive personal development retreat designed for the woman who hears the whisper in her spirit that there is more for her and more in her—who feels the nudge to go deeper, who yearns to indulge and celebrate the power of vulnerable femininity, and who is ready to respond to the call of her crown!

The Esther Experience aims to nourish our womanhood, ignite the queen within, and catapult you into your next season. You have been called to do something more and greater. Allow this to be the season that you will choose to be bold and fearless in what you have been called to do, and do it!

This is not a Bible study, a deep study of the life of Queen Esther, or a faith-based event, per se. However, it does take a few overarching lessons from her incredible story and makes them applicable to today’s modern everyday woman, regardless of background, faith, and beliefs. All are welcome in this royal court! 

Who Is The Esther Experience For? 

This experience isn’t for everyone. It actually can’t be. I purposely designed it to be small and intimate, to create a safe space for women to just BE! To just be themselves. To relish in being the regal women we were created to be, but yet also have the space to be amongst other like-minded women and to be real (transparent), and to be raw(vulnerable)! THERE ARE ONLY 15 SPOTS AVAILABLE! This is not an event that you want to put off purchasing a ticket if you are interested.

The day will consist of a full and engaging schedule of transformative teaching strategies on overcoming our limiting beliefs, rich and real conversations, invigorating inspiration, a moment of “Crowning Ceremony,” space to reflect/meditate/pray and journal, a lavish lunch, beautiful gifts, door prizes, candid connection, and pictures (of course!).

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Want to host a Private Esther Experience?

Contact my team below and let's make that happen for you and your beautiful women! Let's join together as Esthers!

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