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A podcast just for you!

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Hi there friends! I am Dr. CleRenda, host of Just My 2 Cents.

Just My 2 Cents! Is a platform of informal, upbeat, and engaging girlfriend-type of conversations sharing, our “2 cents” around relevant topics that enrich, elevate, and educate today's inspiring women. I think it’s pretty powerful when we can collectively come together to share our 2 cents! Our 2 cents are our shared voices, our thoughts, our experiences, and lessons that we have learned that we share in hopes of inspiring and encouraging others. As women, our collective voices are powerful! Our collective “2 cents has so much value and impact! Together, we lift each other, we rise, we soar!

Love Dr. CleRenda



Episode 01

Host CleRenda McGrady and guest Pastor Mia Wright are dropping loads of life gems and nuggets, the perfect time to grab them as we are heading into the new year! These gems are sure to help transform your life, awaken all that greatness inside, and put a different pep in your step!

Episode 02 

Join CleRenda McGrady as she chats with four amazing guest speakers in this Girl Chat about Love, Finances, and Self Worth!


" I want you to know that YOU are being called to something greater and bigger!"

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Dr. CleRenda

"You are not bound by your current situation or circumstances."

- Dr. CleRenda McGrady

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