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Hey beautiful! So glad you are here!

Are you married and find yourself feeling more like a roommate than a wife?

Is it day 3.5, you’re still frustrated and annoyed and hubby still hasn’t attempted to “make it right?”

Are you finding that you aren’t as vibrant, happy, or loving as you once were because hubby isn’t meeting your emotional needs?

Do you find yourself often triggered and complaining to your girlfriends about your husband?

Believe me, I get you! Welcome to where you belong!


Dr. CleRenda

Welcome to my page!

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Hi, Beauties! I am Dr. CleRenda, your Growth Coach.


Through the years, I have learned (sometimes kicking, screaming, grumbling, and side-eyeing) that “Wise Women Win!”  When we resort to wisdom and not our feelings, we typically can have what we desire within our marriages. In most cases, decent and well-meaning husbands really do want to please their wives and are willing to give them the love, affection, and honor that we crave.  But often, we end up finding ourselves communicating with each other from a place of ego and pride, which makes it almost impossible to get to a good place. 

In 16 years of marriage, I definitely have experienced many marital seasons—seasons that range from “Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, don’t touch me,” to seasons of “You’re my hero, I don’t want to do life without you, Meet me in the bedroom!” I have worked with many women who have shared the same sentiments. 

I work mostly with wives (or those wanting to one day become a wife) who are experiencing patterns of frustration and wanting more meaningful connection and communication with their husband.  Ladies, if we aren’t careful, it’s easy to cast blame on our husbands for how we are feeling, constantly spotlight what they are doing wrong, neglect what they are doing right, focus on how they need to change, and expect for them to pick us up out of our emotional rut.  Don’t get me wrong, we each should strive to meet each other’s needs.  But often, frustration sets in because we are expecting our husbands to do for us what we haven’t quite done for ourselves, and many times what we haven’t done for them…which is to make the necessary changes!  Ouch!  Been there, done that!  

"EVERY DAY has to be an intentional work in progress. I LOVE love and the beauty and possibility of what marriage could and should be."

I do believe there is an invisible force that would love to do nothing more than to disrupt and destroy marriages and use our own inner critical voice and beliefs as the tool to do so. 

Therefore, I am honored to do my part in helping wives operate in wisdom, who are yearning for more, to move beyond the sabotaging mental narratives, so they can show up as the feminine, passionate, loving, and complete women they were created to be, and reclaim the joy, excitement, and possibilities of being a wise wife. 

The key to reigniting the fire in marriage often means to FIRST reignite your own fire within.  This is your season to reignite your voice, your vision, and that version of you that YOU want, and your hubby desires!

Wise Wives Win! 


Love Dr. CleRenda


01. 1 on 1 Coaching

Over the course of 8 weeks, we tackle the action plan, uncover the possibilities and create a blueprint for you to get to where you want and need to be.

02. Esther Experience

Regal, Real, & Raw in-person, full-day, upscale, and exclusive personal development retreat designed for women. The Esther Experience aims to nourish our womanhood, ignite the queen within, and catapult you into your next season.  Want the Esther Experience for your private group? Learn more below.

03. Speaking & Workshops

Book Dr. CleRenda for any event to talk you through an empowering discussion about overcoming fear, conquering your limiting beliefs, and operating in your purpose or relationships!



"I did a full day intensive with Dr. CleRenda and I promise I left a whole new woman (and wife!). She taught me about my SOB's and I see now that my husband played less of a role in our issues that I had been crediting him--lol! He's my boyfriend all over again!"

- L. Matthews



"Beloved, you were created to rule, reign, and live with abundance as a woman and a wife."

- Dr. CleRenda